Post-Doctoral Position (12 months) in Biochemistry

Lundi 30 avril 2018 // Actualités


Disciplines : Chemistry/ Biochemistry, Food Sciences
Laboratory BIODYMIA (BIOingénierie et DYnamique Microbienne aux Interfaces Alimentaires)

Description :

The post-doctoral subject is part of the AROMATIC project, financed by the ARIMNet 2 (Agricultural Research In the Mediterranean Network 2) call. This project will be achieved in collaboration with Zagazig University (Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Microbiology) ; Egypt and Arid Regions Institute (Laboratoire d’élevage et de faune sauvage) ; Tunisia (
Scientific background and rationale : The production of fermented milk and cheese made from raw milk of cows or other animal species (i.e. buffalo, goat, camel, etc.) is an agri-food sector with high production volumes and product diversification in all the Mediterranean countries. Milk and dairy products represent a resource for the economic sustenance of marginal areas and, for their high quality and authenticity, deserve a boost for expansion on a global scale market. However, many microbiological hazards and deterioration processes can occur in raw milk and derived products, which represents a major public health concern and implies a very short shelf life of the product, which is a hindrance for its distribution at longer distances.
Aim : The project proposed here aims to develop selected simple and efficient methods using natural and safe antimicrobials and/or antioxidants from plants, notably some traditionally used for traditional dairy products, to better protect raw milk from microbial contamination, prior to direct consumption or cheese making, by inhibiting pathogenic and spoilage bacteria.

Description of the project methodology :

*Isolation of bioactive molecules from plants traditionally used for cheesemaking or legume seeds,
*Characterization of the most active extracts and identification of the putative molecules after fractionation, chromatographic investigation and database interrogation
* Characterization of the extent and mode of action the molecules against food pathogen bacteria
* Investigation of the influence of plants extracts on raw milk preservation and effect on Lactic Acid Bacteria flora from milk
Expected results : The project is expected to lead to i) the production of sustainable recommendations based on traditional plants uses for safe cheese making and/or ii) of innovatory natural and safe antimicrobial mixtures to be made commercially available.
Perspectives : Provide simple methods that can be delivered to small producers to increase safety and quality of raw milk and derived products even in the lack of industrial dairy facilities.

Skills required :

Extraction techniques (notably applied to plant extracts) ; Analytical Chemical/Biochemistry (FPLC, HPLC…). Food sciences or botanical knowledge (especially in the field of phytochemicals) background will be appreciated.

Bibliography :

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Emilie Dumas (Project Leader) ; +33 4 74 45 52 64
Application should include : CV, application letter, Names and addresses of two references.
beginning : september 2018