BIOADH 2020 conference May 26 and 27, 2020

BioDyMIA hosts this year :

(Bioadhesion  Biocontamination of surfaces Symposium)

May 26-27, 2020

at the Alimentec Amphitheater (Bourg-en-Bresse site)

Topics covered:

Axis 1:

Bioadhesion and colonization of biotic and abiotic surfaces (protein adsorption, microbial adhesion, detection and quantification of “fixed” biological entities, characterization of surfaces, quantification of chemical residues, transfer of contaminants, etc.)

Axis 2:

Bioadhesion and microbial physiology (antimicrobial resistance, surface modifications, viability, cultivability, virulence, metabolomics, volatiloma…)


Bioadhesion and processes (fermentation, depollution, surface modification, / usage properties, biosensors, surface bio-engineering, hygienic design of equipment, cleaning and disinfection, impact of biocides ...),

Call for papers:

Oral or poster communications must be submitted before March 24, 2020.

Registration fees :

    400 € HT before March 24, 2020, then 500 € HT.
 This price includes:

  •         registration for the conference,
  •         communication media,
  •         meals and breaks,
  •         the night in a hotel in a single room from May 26 to 27 in the village of Georges Blanc in Vonnas

Information - contact:

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Published on January 10, 2020 Updated on January 15, 2020