Key events

2 key events may be highlighted during the 2016-2020 contract:

- New experimental tools were implemented (mainly from PTI Alimentec) reinforcing our skills: original methodologies were set up, rendering possible the relocation of some experimental measurements. This already eased (and will ease) the emergence of new co-operation projects and makes our lab (in Bourg en Bresse) more attractive for students and researchers.

- Food matrices were reinvested to assess the efficiency of the preservative agents or active systems on real food BUT in connection with the realities of perishable products preservation, that means under relevant environmental conditions: refrigeration (4-8°C), controlled surrounding atmosphere (CO2, O2, N2, %RH). This allows a direct “benchmarking” of our systems with reliable industrial ones e. g. (modified atmosphere). Establish in that way the “proof of concept” of our systems is now a prerequisite which should be seen as “decision help” in selecting/modifying active systems.