BiodyMIA devices

Non-exhaustive list of laboratory technical resources (excluding PTI Alimentec)

Located in Bourg-en-Bresse:

Physico-chemical analysis and biotechnological/ process techniques

  • Atomizer BUCHI B 290 (spray drying)
  • SPX High Pressure Homogenizer   Dryers (humidity)
  • Coating table
  • SPEPAC manual hydraulic presses with heating plates and film kit
  • CHRIST tray freeze dryer
  • SCAMEX single screw extruder type RHEOSCAM 3 zones (flat die heads, ring, inflation, calender, granulator)
  • FORMECH 300XQ tabletop thermoforming machine
  • MICRO SYSTEM TAX T2 Stable Texturometers with Accessories
  • Brookfield Viscometer
  • Osmometer (freezing point measurement)
  • GBX meter
  • PRESENS: Optical CO2 and O2 meters
  • MINOLTA colorimeter
  • MALVERN Isothermal Titration Calorimetry  ITC
  • Milk coagulometer (on line monitoring of enzymatic milk clotting) 

Analytical biochemistry and other analytical techniques

  • Spectrophotometer s:  UV visible and IR (MIR ATR) Alpha (Bruker)
  • Tray cell system for microvolumes measurements by UV visible spectrophotometry
  • HPLC chain with diode array (DAD) and refractometric detectors and autosampler (Perkin Elmer),
  • GC-MS
  • Systems for low pressure chromatography (pump + filling columns + collectors)
  • Spectrofluorimeter Perkin Elmer LS55
  • Sherwood chloride meter
  • Mineralisation system (Kjeldahl)
  • Amicon® cell (ultrafiltration)
  • Ultraturrax POLYTRON (disperser homogenizer)
  • CPG FID HP 5890 Series II and 1 GC with Autosystem Catharometer, Perkin Elmer, FDGS hydrogen generator
  • BioRad Protean II XiCell Protein Electrophoresis System
  • System for Western Blot
  • Reverse osmosis unit and device producing ultrapure water Millipore
  • BIOTEK ELX 800 Plate Reader (Biotek)
  •   Amersham Imager 600 RGB


  •   Zeiss epifluorescence microscope, installation of an AxioCam digital camera
  •   EasySpiral Pro Automatic Inoculator, Interscience
  •   Incubator Sanyo MIR 162, GROSSERON
  •   Laminar flow hoods
  •   Dryers
  •   Industrial freezer cabinet type (482 L) GROSSERON
  •   Freezer Haier – 80°C (100 L, )
  •   Refrigerated centrifuge SIGMA 3 18KS
  •   Autoclaves
  •   Thermocycler for real time PCR, MiniOpticon BIORAD
  •   BIOTEK ELX 800 Plate Reader (Biotek)
  •   Bioscreen® Thermo electron LED SAS Microplate Growth Monitoring System
  •   Cinac – Alliance instrument
  •   Microtomer

Located in Lyon (ISARA)

The materials used on the Lyon site are directly related to the research projects developed:

         Ecological approach of microbial ecosystems:

  • PSM
  • Autoclaves
  • 2   80 ° C freezers
  • NIKON eclipse 400 Epifluorescence Microscope
  • 5 Microbiological Safety Stations (PSM)
  •  2 autoclaves (+ 1 benchtop)
  • Bioreactor

·       Quantitative monitoring of bacteria/activities :

  •  PCR module (thermocycler, tanks, transilluminator) BioRad mycycler, subcellGt, digidoc it imaging system UV brand Fisher):
  •  BioRad miniOpticon qPCR module
  •  epifluorescence (difference between viable bacteria cultivable and non cultivable)   

  Biochemichal studies

  •   urea PAGE
  •   spectrophotometry
  •   BioRad protein generator electrophoresis module power Pac 1000, Protean II Xicell
  •   Centrifuge (20,000 g) Eppendorf 5417R
  •   Jasco V 630 Spectrophotometer
  •   Purit water filtration module (Suez)