Alimentec PTI

Adapted equipment and an ideal location:

As co-founder of Alimentec
PTI , BioDyMIA expressed equipment needs in line with the conduct of its research activities when it was set up.

Since the end of 2015, this equipment has thus been positioned directly on its premises or in the immediate vicinity and has come to strengthen its resources in physical chemistry and processes.

Non-exhaustive list of PTI tools made available to BioDyMIA:

  •     2 HPLC SHIMADZU chains with DAD and fluorimeter, autosamplers and fraction collectors
  •     FPLC chain AKTA PURE, GE Healthcare, this system has been upgraded by BioDyMIA (pH electrode, second fraction collectors, additional input/output valves)
  •     Spectrofluorometer Horiba Jobin Yvon
  •     PARTEC CyFLOW Space Flow Cytometer
  •     DSC
  •     Gas pycnometer
  •     Dynamic Mechanical Analysis system
  •     Dynamic Vapour Sorption system
  •     Determination of water by the Karl Fischer method
  •     MIR spectroscopy bench with accessories (ATR diamond, ...)
  •     NIR spectrometer with accessories for food analysis
  •     IR Imager
  •     Bench-top SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) including a Peltier cooled plate with interface and a sample metallizer with a pump