Started in 2018 (01): "Secure design of food contact packaging" SECURIPACK "" (thesis by Benjamin Risse)

His thesis on

• Thesis supervisors :Yvan Chalamet, Catherine Joly

• Funding : ARA

• Partners :

  • IMP Saint Etienne (UMR CNRS 5223)

  • Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay (UMR CNRS 8214)

  • BARBIER (leader français du film mince polyéthylène)

  • CTCPA (Alimentec, Bourg en Bresse)

 • Doctoral School : ED SIS

The core of the thesis subject will be to characterize and understand the effect of the trapping of additives (stabilizers, processability aids, etc.) in the polymer material (mainly polyethylene) on the diffusion / migration properties.

A first step will consist in “formulating” the materials by shaping them under different conditions in order to modulate the localization of the additives in the microstructure of the material (decisive crystallization step). This stage will be developed jointly with the Engineering of Polymer Materials laboratory (UMR CNRS 5223) and within the company BARBIER (French leader in polyethylene thin film). The formulations will include model molecules of various molecular characteristics which will serve as probes.
At the end of this stage, the formulated materials will be characterized in the solid state in order to qualify the location (s) of the additives in the microstructure of semi-crystalline materials. The additives will be localized by superimposing images of microscopy in polarized light and UV / fluorescence, see by diffusion techniques (neutrons for example). It will be a question of establishing a correlation model between the formulation / process conditions of the material, the characteristics of the substance (cf. mass and polarity), and its location in the microstructure. This stage will be carried out in the BIODYMIA (Lyon 1 University, Bourg en Bresse) and Institute of Molecular Sciences of Orsay (UMR CNRS 8214) laboratories.
On the other hand, the project will include a section qualifying the transfer kinetics of the additives according to their location in the microstructure. It will be a question of exploring the functionality of different types of additives according to their quantity and their dispersion in the matrix. This study will be carried out in partnership with the CTCPA (Alimentec, Bourg en Bresse)