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2010 : 3 articles avec IF

Guiga W., Swesi Y., Galland S., Peyrol E., Degraeve P., Sebti I. (2010). Innovative multilayer antimicrobial films made with Nisaplin® or nisin and cellulosic ethers : Physico-chemical characterization, bioactivity and nisin desorption kinetics. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, 11, 352-360. (IF 2009 : 2.174)

Chadeau E., Oulahal N., Dubost L., Favergeon F., Degraeve P. (2010). Anti-Listeria innocua activity of silver functionalised textile prepared with plasma technology. Food Control, 21, 505-512. (IF 2009 : 2.463)

Messaoud M., Chadeau E., Brunon C., Ballet T., Rappenne L., Roussel F., Leonard D., Oulahal N., Langlet M. (2010). Photocatalytic generation of silver nanoparticles and application to the antibacterial functionalization of textile supports. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A : Chemistry, 215, 147-156. (IF 2009 : 2.553)

2009 : 5 articles avec IF

Chollet E., Swesi Y., Degraeve P., Sebti I. (2009). Monitoring nisin desorption from a multi-layer polyethylene-based film coated with nisin loaded HPMC film and diffusion in agarose gel by an immunoassay (ELISA) method and a numerical modeling. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, 10, 208-214. (IF 2008 : 1.474)

Guiga W., Galland S., Peyrol E., Degraeve P., Carnet-Pantiez A., Sebti I. (2009). Antimicrobial plastic film : physico-chemical characterization and nisin desorption modelling. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, 10, 203-207. (IF 2008 : 1.474)

Oulahal N., Adt I., Mariani C., Carnet-Pantiez A., Notz E., Degraeve P. (2009). Examination of wooden shelves used in the ripening of a raw milk smear cheese by FTIR spectroscopy. Food Control, 20, 658-663. (IF 2008 : 1.980)

Dupas C., Adt I., Cottaz A., Boutrou R., Mollé D., Jardin J., Jouvet T., Degraeve P. (2009). A chromatographic procedure for semi-quantivative evaluation of caseinphosphopeptides in cheese. Dairy Science and Technology, 89, 519-529. (IF 2009 : 0.574)

Vera A., Rigobello V., Demarigny Y. (2009) Comparative study of culture media used for sourdough lactobacilli. Food Microbiology, 26, 728-733.(IF 2008 : 2.847)

2008 : 8 articles dont 1 sans IF

Dalmasso M., Prestoz S., Rigobello V., Demarigny Y. (2008). Behavior of Lactococcus lactis subsp lactis biovar. diacetylactis in a four Lactococcus strain starter during successive milk cultures. Food Science and Technology International, 14, 469-477. (IF 2007 : 0.632)

Oulahal N., Brice W., Martial A., Degraeve P. (2008). Quantitative analysis of survival of Staphylococcus aureus or Listeria innocua on two types of surfaces : polypropylene and stainless steel in contact with three different dairy products. Food Control, 19, 178-185. (IF 2007 : 1.823)

Guillemin A., Degraeve P., Noël C., Saurel R. (2008). Influence of impregnation solution viscosity and osmolarity on solute uptake during vacuum impregnation of apple cubes (var. Granny Smith). Journal of Food Engineering, 86, 475-483. (IF 2007 : 1.848)

Guillemin A., Guillon F., Degraeve P., Rondeau C., Devaux M.F., Huber F., Badel E., Saurel R., Lahaye M. (2008). Firming of fruit tissues by vacuum infusion of pectin methylesterase : visualization of enzyme action. Food Chemistry, 109, 368-378. (IF 2007 : 3.052)

Asséré A., Oulahal N., Carpentier B. (2008). Comparative evaluation of methods for counting surviving biofilm cells adhering to a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) surface exposed to chlorine or drying. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 104, 1692-1702. (IF 2007 : 2.501)

Chollet E., Sebti I., Martial-Gros A., Degraeve P. (2008). Nisin preliminary study as a potential preservative for ripened cheese : NaCl, fat and enzymes influence on nisin concentration and its antimicrobial activity. Food Control, 19, 982-989. (IF 2007 : 1.823)

Dalmasso M., Prestoz S., Rigobello V., Demarigny Y. (2008). Evolution of the raw milk microflora, especially lactococci, enterococci, leuconostocs and lactobacilli over a successive 12 day milking regime. International Journal of Dairy Science, 3, 117-130.

Dalmasso M., Hennequin D., Duc C., Demarigny Y. (2008). Influence of backslopping on the acidifications curves of “Tomme” type cheeses made during 10 successive days. Journal of Food Engineering, 92, 50-55. (IF 2007 : 1.848)

2007 : 3 articles avec IF

Sebti I., Chollet E., Degraeve P., Noël C., Peyrol E. (2007). Water sensitivity, antimicrobial, and physico-chemical analyses of edible films based on HPMC and/or chitosan. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 55, 693-699. (IF 2006 : 2.322)

Oulahal N., Martial-Gros A., Bonneau M., Blum L.J. (2007). Removal of meat biofilms from surfaces by ultrasounds combined with enzymes and/or a chelating agent. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, 8, 192-196. (IF 2007 : 1.713)

Mariani C., Briandet R.,. Chamba J-.F., Notz E., Carnet-Pantiez A., Eyoug R.N., Oulahal. N. (2007). Biofilm ecology of wooden shelves used in ripening the French, raw milk, smear cheese, Reblochon de Savoie. Journal of Dairy Science, 90, 1653-1661. (IF 2006 : 2.284)


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