Project "2BiMulch"

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Degradable mulch films combining two degradation modes (abiotic and biotic) in synergy to allow bioassimilation in soil by landfilling after use

Permanent BioDyMIA staff involved

Dr. Catherine Joly
Dr. Nadia Oulahal
Dr. Sophie Galland
Amandine Cottaz

Non Permanent BioDyMIA staff involved

Lynda Bouharab (Post-doctoral contract)


Fonds Europénes Feder Auvergne Rhône Alpes


Industrial partners :

  • Barbier,
  • Tiflex,
  • Setup Performance,
  • Enoveo,
  • Neobiosys,
  • CNEP

Technical center :


Laboratory :

  • IMP Lyon 1


The aim of the 2BIMULCH project is the development and commercialization of a new biodegradable and bio-assimilable mulch film. Currently, different mulching films are proposed: they are mulch films made of polyolefins to be removed from the soil after use and recycled. Since this recycling is difficult and expensive, degradable and bio-assimilable mulch films by landfilling start to be used. But this market is limited because these films are expensive or perform poorly compared to the expectations of users.
This project aims to propose new bio-degradable and bio-assimilable mulch films with performances as sought by users and at a lower cost than the current global cost of using conventional mulching films. These films will have a multilayer structure and / or co-continuous and will be formulated mainly with alloys of biodegradable co-polyesters. The aim is to develop films that comply with the requirements of the future European standard EN17033 "Plastics - Biodegradable mulching film for use in agriculture and horticulture - Requirements and test methods" currently under public investigation