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Functionalization in melt of natural polymer matrices available on an industrial scale - a flexible and secure way for the development of new bio-sourced packaging

Permanent BioDyMIA staff involved

Dr. Catherine Joly
Amandine Cottaz

Non permanent BioDyMIA staff involved

Kéziban Ozturk


Fonds Européens Feder Auvergne Rhône Alpes


Industrial partners :

  • Solvay,
  • Addiplast,
  • PRP Creation,
  • la coopérative Agrial

Laboratories :

  • IMP Saint Etienne ,


    Cellulose acetate is a biobased material, produced by the Solvay group for almost 100 years and used primarily to produce cigarette filters. To be implemented in the plastics industry, it must be plasticized, with additives. Cellulose acetate is thus used as plastic in various fields, due to properties of transparency, shine and "silky" feel. Nevertheless, because of the possible migration over time of the plasticizers out of the polymer matrix, the fields of application remain considerably limited. In order to respond to these migration issues and to access new markets such as packaging (cosmetics, agri-food) that must meet strict regulations on content-containing interactions, this project aims to develop new biosourced plastics based on cellulose acetate, intrinsically plasticized via chemical grafting on the cellulosic skeleton by reactive extrusion. An additional challenge is to bring via the type of molecules to graft new properties and functionalities to materials.