Respire project

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Development of new breathing packaging for fresh agri-food products

Permanent BioDyMIA staff involved

Dr. Catherine Joly
Dr. Nadia Oulahal
Amandine Cottaz

Non permanent BioDyMIA staff involved

Paul Moine


Fonds Européens Feder Auvergne Rhône Alpes


Industrial partners :

  • Sigoplast,
  • Bonduelle,
  • Tiflex,
  • Leroy Eurosalmon,
  • Philibert Savours,

Technical center :


Laboratory :

  • IMP Lyon 1


For many food products, packaging is used as a "passive barrier"; its function may be to prevent the entry of gases, such as water and oxygen, or the loss of an internal composition of the head space in water or modified atmosphere. Packaged in these packaging, many foods consume and generate large amounts of environmental gases such as oxygen or CO2. The specifications for the optimal conservation of such products respond to the optimization of these breathing processes, which remains a challenge at present: we are looking for packaging that has high and well-defined permeability levels. The control of the breathing of the food products concerns the products of first and fourth range. Better keeping these categories of products is an issue for both the competitiveness of the sector but also for its environmental performance. Indeed, it appears that these products represent a significant part of preventable food waste. Different packaging technologies are currently being used to try to answer this problem, but without success. We can mention the perforation, the use of the modified atmosphere or the selection of polymeric packaging materials presenting the ad hoc properties. This project aims to combine the advantages of these 3 options into a single technology: the RESPIRE technology, which aims to "fit" the permeabilities of the gases of interest (in particular oxygen, CO2 and water). ) at a low cost and with a low environmental impact.