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former acronyms :

LRGIA (Université Lyon 1) and EMC (ISARA Lyon)

2019 : 11 articles dans revues internationales à comité de lecture

Wang J.*, Dumas E., Gharsallaoui A. (2019). Low Methoxyl pectin / sodium caseinate complexing behavior studied by isothermal titration calorimetry. Food Hydrocolloids, 88, 163-169 (IF2018 : 5.089).

Boulven, M., Quintard, G., Cottaz, A., Joly, C., Charlot, A., Fleury, E. (2019). Homogeneous acylation of cellulose diacetate: Towards bioplastics with tuneable thermal and water transport properties. Carbohydrate Polymers, 206, 674-684. (IF 2017: 5.158).

Abid, Y.*,., Azabou, S., Joulak, I., Casillo, A., Lanzetta, R., Corsaro, M. M., Gharsallaoui, A., Attia, H. (2019). Potential biotechnological properties of an exopolysaccharide produced by newly isolated Bacillus tequilensis-GM from spontaneously fermented goat milk. LWT,  Food Science and Technology, 105, 135–141. (IF2018: 3.129).

Zidi, D.*, Gharsallaoui, A., Dupas-Farrugia, C., Attia, H., Ayadi, M.A., (in press). Physicochemical and rheological changes of acidified camel milk added with commercial low methoxyl-pectin. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (IF 2018: 3.909).

Cottaz A., Bouarab-Chibane L.*, De Clercq J., Oulahal N., Degraeve P., Joly C. (2019). Potential of incorporation of antimicrobial plant phenolics into polyolefin-based food contact materials to produce active packaging by melt-blending: proof of concept with Isobutyl-4-Hydroxybenzoate. Frontiers in Chemistry, 7, 148 (IF 2018: 4.155).

Bouarab-Chibane L., Forquet V., Lantéri P., Clément Y., Léonard – Akkari L., Oulahal N., Degraeve P., Bordes C. (2019). Antibacterial properties of polyphenols: characterization and QSAR (Quantitative structure–activity relationship) models. Frontiers in Microbiology, 10, 829 (IF 2018: 4.019).

 Jrad Z., El-Hatmi*H., Adt I., Gouin S., Jardin J., Loussaeif*O., Dbara M., Arroum S., Khorchani T., Degraeve P. , Oulahal N. (in press). Antilisterial activity of dromedary lactoferrin peptic hydrolyzates. Journal of Dairy Science (IF 2017: 2.749).

Eghbal N., Dumas E., Yarmand M. S., Mousavi M., Oulahal N., Gharsallaoui A. (in press). Antimicrobial films based on pectin and sodium caseinate for the release of antifungal natamycin. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation (IF 2018: 1.51).

 Wang J., Maoulida F., Ben Amara C., Ghnimi S., Chihib N., Dumas E., Gharsallaoui A. (2019), Spray-drying of protein/polysaccharide complexes: Dissociation of the effects of shearing and heating, Food Chemistry, 297 (IF2018 : 4,946)

Wang J., Khelissa S.O., Chihib N., Dumas E., Gharsallaoui A. (2019), Effect of drying and interfacial membrane composition on the antimicrobial activity of emulsified citral, Food Chemistry, accepted (IF2018: 4.946)

Dupas, C., Métoyer, B., Hatmi, H. E., Adt, I., Mahgoub, S. A., & Dumas, E. (2019). Plants: A natural solution to enhance raw milk cheese preservation? Food Research International, 108883.

Hitana, M., Dupas, C., Oulahal, N., Degraeve, P., Najaa, H., Bouhamda, T., Fattouch, S., & Neffati, M. (2019). Assessment of antioxidant activities of an endemic species from Tunisia: Rhanterium sueaveolens Desf related to its phenolic composition. Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, 101355.


2018 : 16 articles dans revues internationales à comité de lecture

Kanoun A.*, Ben Salem I. , Darghouth F., Asmi  A., Adt I., Saidi M. (2018). 99mTc-Labeled human and camel lactoferrin for detection of Staphylococcus aureus infections. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry. 317: 177-185. (IF 1,81).

Mousazadeh M.*, Mousavi M., Askari G., Kiani H., Adt I., Gharsallaoui A. (2018). Thermodynamic and physico-chemical insights into chickpea protein-Persian gum interactions and environmental effects. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 119, 1052-1058. (IF 2017 : 3,909)

Godard J.*, Hennequin D., Hallier A., Demarigny Y. (2018). Evolution of carrot pulps during spontaneous fermentation. International Journal of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Research, 6, 95-106 (IF 2017 : 0,302)

Almi-Sebbane D.*, Adt I., Degraeve P., Jardin J., Bettler E., Terreux R., Oulahal N., Mati A. (2018). Casesidin-like anti-bacterial peptides in peptic hydrolysate of camel milk -casein. International Dairy Journal, 86, 49-56. . (IF 2017 : 2,201)

Abid Y.*, Joulak I., Ben Amara C., Casillo A., Attia H., Gharsallaoui A., Azabou S. (2018). Study of interactions between anionic exopolysaccharides produced by newly isolated probiotic bacteria and sodium caseinate. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 167, 516-523. (IF 2017 : 3,997)

Gemelas L., Degraeve P., Morand M., Hallier A., Demarigny Y. (2018). A rapid electrophoresis method on agarose gel to characterise dairy protein aggregates. Food and Nutrition Sciences, 9, 325-334. (2-year Google-based Journal Impact Factor (2-GJIF) en 2018 : 1,20)

Bouarab-Chibane L.*, Forquet V., Clément Y., Lanteri P., Bordes C., Bouajila J., Degraeve P., Oulahal N. (2018). Effect of interactions of plant phenolics with bovine meat proteins on their antibacterial activity. Food Control, 90, 189-198. (IF 2017 : 3,496)

Bouarab-Chibane L*., Oulahal N., Dumas E., Trinh Thi Thanh N., Bouajila J., Souchard J.-P., Degraeve P. (2018). Effect of interaction with food constituents on plant extracts antibacterial activity. Food Science and Applied Biotechnology, 1(1), 72-80. (nouveau journal, pas encore d’IF)

Chevalier E.*, Chaabani A., Assezat G., Prochazka F., Oulahal N. (2018). Casein/wax blend extrusion for production of edible films as carriers of potassium sorbate - A comparative study of waxes and potassium sorbate effect. Food Packaging and Shelf Life, 16, 41-50. (IF 2017 : 3,347)

Chevalier E.*, Assezat, G., Prochazka, F., Oulahal, N. (2018). Development and characterization of a novel edible extruded sheet based on different casein sources and influence of the glycerol concentration. Food Hydrocolloids, 75, 182-191. (IF 2017 : 5,089)

Kaewprachu P.*, Ben Amara C.*, Oulahal N., Gharsallaoui A., Joly C., Tongdeesoontorn W., Rawdkuen S., Degraeve P. (2018). Gelatin films with nisin and catechin for minced pork preservation. Food Packaging and Shelf Life, 18, 173-183. (IF 2017 : 3,347)

Gemelas L.*, Degraeve P., Hallier A., Demarigny Y. (2018). Development of a fermented dairy product as an ingredient to be added to low-fat bakery goods : instrumental and sensory analyses of textural and aromatic characteristics. Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology, 12, 1061-1069. (pas d’IF dans JCR®)  

Wang J.*, Souihi S., Ben Amara C.*, Dumas E., Gharsallaoui  A. (2018). Influence of Low Methoxyl pectin on the physicochemical properties of sodium caseinate-stabilized emulsions. Journal of Food Process Engineering, 41, e12906 . (IF 2017 : 1,955).

Wang J.*, Dumas E., Gharsallaoui A. (2019). Low Methoxyl pectin / sodium caseinate complexing behavior studied by isothermal titration calorimetry. Food Hydrocolloids, 88, 163-169 (IF2018 : 5,089).

Boulven, M., Quintard, G., Cottaz, A., Joly, C., Charlot, A., Fleury, E. (2019). Homogeneous acylation of cellulose diacetate: Towards bioplastics with tuneable thermal and water transport properties. Carbohydrate Polymers, 206, 674-684. (IF 2017: 5.158).

Zidi, D.*, Gharsallaoui, A., Dupas-Farrugia, C., Attia, H., Ayadi, M.A., (in press). Physicochemical and rheological changes of acidified camel milk added with commercial low methoxyl-pectin. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (IF 2018: 3.909).

Jrad Z., El-Hatmi*H., Adt I., Gouin S., Jardin J., Loussaeif*O., Dbara M., Arroum S., Khorchani T., Degraeve P. , Oulahal N. (in press). Antilisterial activity of dromedary lactoferrin peptic hydrolyzates. Journal of Dairy Science (IF 2017: 2.749)

2017 : 7 articles dans revues internationales à comité de lecture

Chevalier E., Assezat, G., Prochazka, F., Oulahal, N. (in press). Development and characterization of a novel edible extruded sheet based on different casein sources and influence of the glycerol concentration. Food Hydrocolloids DOI : 10.1016/j.foodhyd.2017.08.028

Bouarab Chibane, L., Ouled Bouhedda B., Leonard, L., Gemelas, L., Bouajila, J., Ferhout, H., Cottaz, A., Joly, C., Degraeve, P., Oulahal, N. (in press). Preservation of fresh ground beef patties using plant extracts combined with a modified atmosphere packaging. European Food Research and Technology.

Ben Amara, C., Degraeve, P., Oulahal, N., Gharsallaoui, A. (2017). pH-dependent complexation of lysozyme with low methoxyl (LM) pectin Food Chemistry, 236, 127-133.

Ben Amara, C., Kim, L., Oulahal, N., Degraeve, P., Gharsallaoui A. (2017). Using complexation for the microencapsulation of nisin in biopolymer matrices by spray-drying. Food Chemistry, 236, 32-40.

Eghbal N., Degraeve P., Oulahal N., Yarmand M.S., Mousavi M.E., Gharsallaoui A. (2017). Low methoxyl pectin/sodium caseinate interactions and composite film formation at neutral pH. Food Hydrocolloids, 69, 132-140.

Brunon C., Chadeau E., Oulahal, N., Grossiord C., Dubost L., Simon F., Bessueille F., Degraeve P., Léonard D. (2017). Antimicrobial finishing of textiles intended for food processing industry by PECVD-PVD deposition of Ag-SiOCH composites coated with AlxOy or SiOCH encapsulation layers. Thin Solid Films, 628, 132-141.

Ben Said, A., Guinot, C., Ruiz, J.-C., Grandjean, A., Dole, P., Joly, C., Chalamet, Y. (2017). Modeling of supercritical CO2 extraction of contaminants from post-consumer polypropylene : Solubilities and diffusion coefficients in swollen polymer at varying pressure and temperature conditions. Chemical Engineering Research & Design, 117, 95-109.

2017 : Articles dans des revues nationales :

Oulahal, N., Bouarab Chibane, L., Leonard, L., Nga Trinh, N.T.T., Degraeve, P. (2017). Les extraits végétaux : une alternative à certains conservateurs et biocides ? Industries Alimentaires et Agricoles, Février-Mars, 12-15.

Rawdkuen, S., Suthiluk, P., Tongdeesoontorn, W., Sai-Ut, S., Kaewprachu, P., Ben Amara, C., Bouarab-Chibane, L., Lagorce-Tachon, A., Gharsallaoui, A., Joly, C., Oulahal, N., Karbowiak, T., Debeaufort, F., Degraeve, P. (2017). Enrobages comestibles et emballages actifs pour la conservation d’aliments périssables : présentation et premiers résultats du projet de coopération Franco-Thaïlandaise ActiFoodCoat. Industries Alimentaires et Agricoles, Mai-Juin, 17-20.

2017 : Communications Orales dans des manifestations Internationales :

Chevalier, E., Assezat, G., Chaabani, A., Prochazka, F., Oulahal, N. (2017). Development of an edible casein-based material. MATBIM 2017, 4th International Meeting on Material Bioproduct Interaction, April 26th-28th Porto, Portugal.
CON (Communications Orales dans des manifestations Nationales)
Palkopoulou, S., Ben Saïd, A., Guinot, C., Dole, P., Chalamet, Y., Pichon, G., Ruiz, J.-C., Joly, C. (2017). Sécurité des matériaux : faisabilité du recyclage des polyoléfines en contact alimentaire. Carrefours de l’Innovation Agronomique (CIAG) « Emballages alimentaires : innover pour la sécurité et la durabilité », 8 juin, Paris.

2016 : 12 articles et 5 revues

Ben Amara, C., Eghbal N., Oulahal N., Degraeve P., Gharsallaoui A. (2016). Properties of lysozyme/sodium alginate complexes for the development of antimicrobial films. Food Research International (IF 2015 : 3,77) (accepté le 13/08/2016)

Léonard L., Bouarab Chibane L., Ouled Bouhedda B., Degraeve P., Oulahal N. (2016). Recent advances on multi-parameter flow cytometry to characterize antimicrobial treatments. Frontiers in Microbiology, 7, article n° 1225 (16 pages) (IF 2015 : 4,165).

Papaspyrides C. D., Vouyiouka S., Georgousopoulou I. N., Marinkovic S., Estrine B., Joly C., Dole P. (in press). Feasibility of solid state post-polymerization on fossil- and bio-based poly(butylene succinate) including polymer upcycling routes. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res, 55(20), 5832-5842. (IF 2015 : 2,587)

Eghbal N., Yarmand M. S., Degraeve P., Oulahal N., Gharsallaoui A.(2016)/ Complex coacervation for the development of composite edible films based on LM pectin and sodium caseinate. Carbohydrate Polymers, 151, 947-956. (IF 2015 : 4,219)

Colak B. Y., Peynichou P., Galland S., Oulahal N., Prochazka F., Degraeve P. (2016). Antimicrobial activity of nisin and natamycin incorporated sodium caseinate extrusion-blown films : a comparative study with heat-pressed/solution cast films. Journal of Food Science, 81, E-1141-E-1150 (IF 2014 : 1,696)

Jbilou F., Georgousopoulou I. N., Marinkovic S., Vouyiouka S., Papaspyrides C. D., Estrine B., Dole P., Cottaz A., Joly C. (2016). Intelligent monitoring of solid state polymerization via molecular rotors : The case of poly(butylene succinate). European Polymer Journal, 78, 61-71. (IF 2014 : 3,005)

Ben Amara C., Eghbal N., Degraeve P., Gharsallaoui A. (2016). Using complex coacervation for lysozyme encapsulation by spray-drying. Journal of Food Engineering, 183, 50-57.

Ben Said A., Guinot C., Ruiz J.C., Grandjean A., Dole P., Joly C., Chalamet Y. (2016). Supercritical CO2 extraction of contaminants from polypropylene intended for food contact : Effects of contaminant molecular structure and processing parameters. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 110, 22-31. (IF 2014 : 2,371)

Cherrat L., Dumas E., Bakkali M., Degraeve P., Laglaoui A., Oulahal N. (2016). Effect of five essential oils on the cell viability, membrane integrity and membrane fluidity of Listeria innocua and Escherichia coli. Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants, 19(1), 155-166. (IF 2013 : 0,187).

Benelhadj S., Fejji N., Degraeve P., Attia H., Ghorbel D., Gharsallaoui A. (2016). Properties of lysozyme / Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina) proteins complexes for antimicrobial edible food packaging. Algal Research, 15, 43-49. (IF 2014 : 5,014).

Benelhadj S., Gharsallaoui A., Degraeve P., Attia H., Ghorbel D. (2016). Effect of pH on the functional properties of Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis protein isolate. Food Chemistry, 194, 1056-1063. (IF 2014 : 3,391)

Cottaz A., Khalil F., Jbilou F., Galland S., Adt I, Degraeve P., Joly C. (2016). Poly(butylene succinate-co-butylene adipate) / polyethylene oxide blends for controlled release materials : a morphological study. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 133. Article n°42874 (IF 2014 : 1,678)

Jiménez-Martín E., Antequera Rojas T., Gharsallaoui A., Ruiz Carrascal J., Pérez-Palacios T. (2016). Fatty acid composition in double and multilayered microcapsules of ω-3 as affected by storage conditions and type of emulsions. Food Chemistry, 194, 476-486. (IF 2014 : 3,391)

Van Long N.N., Joly C., Dantigny P. (2016) Active packaging with antifungal activities. International Journal of Food Microbiology, 220, 73-90. (IF 2014 : 3,082)

Palkopoulou S., Joly C., Feigenbaum A., Papaspyrides C. D., Dole P. (2016) Critical review on challenge tests to demonstrate decontamination of Polyolefins intended for food contact applications. Trends in Food Science and Technology, 49, 110-120. (IF 2014 : 4,651).

Gharsallaoui A., Oulahal N., Joly C., Degraeve P. (2016). Nisin as a food preservative : Part 1 : Physicochemical properties, antimicrobial activity, and main uses. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 56, 1262-1274. (IF 2012 : 4,820)

Gharsallaoui A., Oulahal N., Joly C., Degraeve P. (2016). Nisin as a food preservative : Part 2 : Antimicrobial polymer materials containing nisin. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 56, 1275-1289 (IF 2012 : 4,820)

2015 : 13 articles dont 11 avec IF

Jrad Z., El Hatmi H., Adt I., Khorchani T., Degraeve P. ; Oulahal N. (2015). Anti-microbial activity of camel milk casein and its hydrolysates. Acta Alimentaria, 44, 609-616. (IF 2013 : 0,427)

Trinh N. T. T., Lejmi R., Gharsallaoui A., Dumas E., Degraeve P., Thanh M. L., Oulahal N. (2015). Effect of emulsification and spray-drying microencapsulation on the antilisterial activity of transcinnamaldehyde. Journal of Microencapsulation, 32, 719-723. (IF 2013 : 1,878)

Demarigny Y., Soldat V., Gemelas L. (2015). From Streptococcus lactis to Lactococcus lactis : A qualitative and quantitative analysis of the scope of research undertaken around a microbial concept. Journal of Scientometric Research, 4, 61-69. (pas d’IF)

Jbilou F., Dole P., Degraeve P., Ladavière C., Joly C. (2015). A green method for PolyButylene Succinate recycling : depolymerization catalyzed by lipase B from Candida antarctica during reactive extrusion. European Polymer Journal, 68, 207-215. (IF 2013 : 3,242).

Colak B. Y., Peynichou P., Galland S., Oulahal N., Assezat G., Prochazka F., Degraeve P. (2015) Active biodegradable sodium caseinate films manufactured by blown-film extrusion : Effect of thermo-mechanical processing parameters and formulation on lysozyme stability. Industrial Crops and Products, 72, 142-151. (IF 2013 : 3.208).

Ben Said A., Guinot C., Ruiz J.C., Charton F., Dole P., Joly C. Chalamet Y. (2015). Purification of post-consumer polyolefins via supercritical CO2 extraction for the recycling in food contact applications. The J. Supercrit. Fluids, 98, 25-32 (IF 2014 : 2,571).

Jrad Z., Oulahal N., Adt I., Khorchani T., Degraeve P., El-Hatmi H. (2015). Camel colostrum : Nutritional composition and improvement of the antimicrobial activity after enzymatic hydrolysis. Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture, 27(4), 384-389.

Jimenez-Martin E., Gharsallaoui A., Perez-Palacios T., Ruiz Carrascal J., Antequera Rojas T. (2015). Volatile compounds and physicochemical characteristics during storage of microcapsules from different fish oil emulsions. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 96, 52-64.(IF 2014 : 2,474)

Jimenez-Martin E., Gharsallaoui A., Perez-Palacios T., Ruiz Carrascal J., Antequera Rojas T. (2015). Suitability of using monolayered and multilayered emulsions for microencapsulation of ω-3 fatty acids by spray drying : effect of storage at different temperatures. Food and Bioprocess Technology, 8, 100-111 (IF 2013 : 3,126)

Colak B. Y., Gouanvé F., Degraeve P., Espuche E., Prochazka F. (2015). Study of the influences of film processing conditions and glycerol amount on the water sorption and gas barrier properties of novel sodium caseinate films Journal of Membrane Science 478, 1-11 (IF 2013 : 4,908)

Trinh N. T. T., Dumas E., Tranh M. L., Degraeve P., Ben Amara C., Gharsallaoui A., Oulahal N. (2015). Effect of a Vietnamese Cinnamomum cassia essential oil and of its major component trans-cinnamaldehyde on the cell viability, membrane integrity, membrane fluidity and proton motive force of Listeria innocua. Canadian Journal of Microbiology, 61, 263–271 (IF 2013 : 1,199)

Ormus S., Oulahal N., Noël C., Degraeve P., Gharsallaoui A. (2015). Effect of low methoxyl (LM) pectin complexation on the thermal and proteolytic inactivation of lysozyme : A kinetic study. Food Hydrocolloids, 43, 812-818. (IF 2013 : 4,280)

Léonard L., Beji O., Arnould C., Noirot E., Bonnotte A., Gharsallaoui A., Degraeve P., Lherminier J., Saurel R., Oulahal N. (2015). Preservation of viability and anti-Listeria activity of lactic acid bacteria, Lactococcus lactis and Lactobacillus paracasei, entrapped in gelling matrices of alginate or alginate/caseinate. Food Control, 47, 7-19. (IF 2012 : 2,738)

2014 : 11 articles dont 8 avec IF

Jrad Z., Girardet J-. M., Adt I., Oulahal N., Degraeve P., Khorchani T., El Hatmi H. (2014). Antioxidant activity of camel milk casein before and after in vitro simulated enzymatic digestion Mljekarostvo/Dairy, 64, 287-294. (IF 2012 : 0,30)

Jbilou F., Galland S., Telliez C., Akkari Z., Roux R., Oulahal N., Dole P., Joly C., Degraeve P. (2014). Influence of some formulation and process parameters on the stability of lysozyme incorporated in corn flour- or corn starch-based extruded materials prepared by melt blending processing. Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 67, 40-46 (IF 2013 : 2.936).

Ly-Chatain M.H. (2014). The factors affecting effectiveness of treatment in phages therapy. Frontiers in Microbiology, 5, article number 51, DOI:10.3389/fmicb.2014.0005. (IF attendu pour juillet 2014)

Khalil F., Galland S., Cottaz A., Joly C., Degraeve P.(2014) Polybutylene succinate adipate/starch blends : A morphological study for the design of controlled release films. Carbohydrate Polymers, 108, 272-280. (IF 2012 : 3,479)

Bayarri M., Oulahal N., Degraeve P., Gharsallaoui A. (2014). Properties of lysozyme/low methoxyl (LM) pectin complexes for antimicrobial edible food packaging. Journal of Food Engineering, 131, 18-25. (IF 2012 : 2,276)

Gemelas L., Degraeve P., Demarigny Y. (2014). The citrate metabolism in homo- and heterofermentative LAB : a selective means of becoming dominant over other microorganisms in complex ecosystems. Food and Nutrition Sciences, 5, 953-969. (IF =0,43 dans ISI Web of Knowledge)

Nguyen-Thi P., Dupas C., Adt I., Degraeve P., Ragon M., Missaoui M.-F., Novelli E., Segato S., Phan The D.,
Oulahal N. (2014) Partial characterisation of peptides inhibiting Listeria growth in two Alpine cheeses. Dairy Science and Technology, 94, 61-72. (IF 2012 : 1.380)

Léonard L., Degraeve P., Gharsallaoui A., Saurel R., Oulahal N. (2014). Design of biopolymeric matrices entrapping bioprotective lactic acid bacteria to control Listeria monocytogenes growth : comparison of alginate and alginate-caseinate matrices entrapping Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis cells. Food Control, 37, 200-209. (IF 2012 : 2.738)

Jrad Z., El Hatmi H., Adt I., Girardet J.-M., Cakir-Kiefer C., Degraeve P., Khorchani T., Oulahal N. (2014) Antimicrobial, radical scavenging and angiotensin-I-converting enzyme inhibitory activities of camel colostrum, colostral whey, and milk proteins before and after hydrolysis by gastro-intestinal enzymes. Dairy Science and Technology, 94, 205-224 (IF 2012 : 1.38)

Messaoud M., Chadeau E., Chaudouët P., Oulahal N., Langlet M. (2014). Quaternary ammonium-based composite particles for antibacterial finishing of cotton-based textiles. Journal of Materials Science and Technology, 30, 19-29. (IF 2012 : 1.198)
Demarigny Y., Gerber P. (2014) Usefulness of natural starters in food technology. Food and Nutrition Science, 5, 1679-1691

2013 : 5 articles dont 4 avec IF

Jbilou F., Joly C., Galland S., Belard L., Desjardin V., Bayard R., Dole P., Degraeve P. (2013). Biodegradation study of plasticised corn flour / poly(butylene succinate-co-butylene adipate) blends. Polymer Testing, 32, 1565-1575. (IF 2012 : 1.646)

Gemelas L, Rigobello V, Ly-Chatain MH, Demarigny Y (2013) Diversity of the Lactococcus type population in cow and goat’s raw milks. Food and Nutrition Sciences, 4, 49-58. (nouveau journal, IF à venir en 2013)

Ly-Chatain MH, Moussaoui S, Vera A, Rigobello V, Demarigny Y (2013) Antiviral effect of cationic antimicrobial compounds on bacteriophages. Frontiers in Microbiology, 4(3), 1-6. (IF 2013 : 3.941)

Léonard L., Gharsallaoui A., Ouaali F., Degraeve P., Waché Y., Saurel R., Oulahal N. (2013). Preferential localization of Lactococcus lactis cells entrapped in a caseinate/alginate phase separated system. Colloids and Surfaces B : Biointerfaces, 109, 266-272. (IF 2012 : 3.554)

Heikkinen S. L., Kirsi S. Mikkonen K. S., Pirkkalainen K., Serimaa R.,Joly C., Tenkanen M. (2013). Specific enzymatic tailoring of wheat arabinoxylan reveals the role of substitution on xylan film properties. Carbohydrate Polymers, 92, 733-740. (IF 2012 : 3.479)


2012 : 8 articles avec IF

Demarigny Y (2012) Fermented food products made with vegetable materials from tropical and warm countries : microbial and technological considerations. International Journal of Food Science & Technology 47 : 2469–2476. (IF 2012 : 1.24)

Chadeau E., Dumas E., Adt I., Degraeve P., Noël C., Girodet C., Oulahal N. (2012). Assessment of the mode of action of polyhexamethylene biguanide against Listeria innocua by Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy and fluorescence anisotropy analysis. Canadian Journal of Microbiology, 58, 1353-1361. (IF 2010 : 1.477)

Lignitto L., Segato S., Balzan S., Cavatorta V., Oulahal N., Sforza S., Degraeve P., Galaverna G., Novelli E. (2012). Preliminary investigation on the presence of peptides inhibiting the growth of Listeria innocua and Listeria monocytogenes in Asiago d’Allevo cheese. Dairy Science and Technology, 92, 297-308. (IF 2011 : 1.183)

Chadeau E., Brunon C., Degraeve P., Leonard D., Grossiord C., Bessueille F., Cottaz A., Renaud F., Ferreira I., Darroux C., Simon F., Rimbault F., Oulahal N. (2012). Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of a PolyHexaMethyleneBiguanide-coated textile by monitoring both bacterial growth (ISO 20743/2005 standard) and viability (Live/Dead® BacLight™ kit). Journal of Food Safety, 32, 141-151 (IF 2010 : 0.702)

Vera A., Ly-Chatain M. H., Rigobello V., Demarigny Y. (2012) Description of a French natural sourdough over 10 consecutive days. Focus on the lactobacilli microbiota. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek, 101, 369-377. (IF 2010 : 1.673)

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Mikkonen K. S., Stevanic J. S., Joly C., Dole P., Pirkkalainen K., Serimaa R., Salmen, L., Tenkanen M. (2012) Composite films from spruce galactoglucomannans with microfibrillated spruce wood cellulose. Cellulose, 18, 713-726. (IF 2012 : 3.476)

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2011 : 10 articles (dont 3 sans IF)

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