2011 (04) : "Development of maize flour materials: evaluation and understanding of the relationships between structure and kinetics of biodegradation "(thesis by Fouzia JBILOU)

Thesis defended on APRIL 29, 2011

Development of maize flour materials: evaluation and understanding of the relationships between structure and kinetics of biodegradation

Jury :

  • Pr. Anne BERGERET (School of Mines of Alès) Rapporteur     
  • Pr. Yves GROHENS (University of South Brittany, Lorient) Rapporteur     
  • Pr. Françoise SILVESTRE (ENSIACET, Toulouse) Rapporteur     
  • Pr. Pascal DEGRAEVE (IUT University Lyon1) Thesis director    
  •  Dr. Sophie GALLAND (IUT Université Lyon1) Thesis co-director     
  • Dr. Nadia OULAHAL (IUT University Lyon1) Examiner    
  •  Dr. Valérie DESJARDIN (INSA Lyon) Invited member   
  •   Dr. Patrice DOLE (CTCPA Bourg en Bresse) Invited member

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In order to develop materials from a renewable resource at a lower cost than starch, materials based on corn flour have been developed by extrusion-injection. The characterization of the physicochemical properties of these materials revealed that the level of glycerol (added to corn flour as a plasticizer) and the profile of the shear zones used during extrusion significantly influence the rate of destructuring of l starch and protein from corn flour. This could be established by notably crossing the results of analysis by X-ray diffraction, by infrared spectroscopy with Fourier transform, from differential scanning calorimetry analysis to observations by confocal laser scanning microscopy of materials. In addition, monitoring the kinetics of hydrolysis into starch reducing sugars by amylolytic enzymes in the presence and absence of proteolytic enzymes could be linked to the destructuring of proteins. The materials obtained however have crippling drawbacks for certain applications such as high hygroscopy and rapid aging over time. The addition of polybutylene succinate (PBS) to the flour-glycerol mixture has however led to an improvement in the mechanical properties and a reduction in the hygroscopy of these materials. Observations of the morphology of these materials by scanning electron microscopy have shown that cornmeal and PBS are incompatible and have a morphology which varies according to the level of PBS in the mixture (30, 50 or 70%). The study of the hydrolysis kinetics of starch in maize flour by amylolytic enzymes made it possible to highlight the influence of several factors: (i) the crystallinity of the starch, (ii) the specific area, (iii) porosity and (iv) material morphology. In addition, the evaluation of biodegradation by microbial route in liquid and solid medium by aerobic or anaerobic route showed the same global trends as the results obtained by enzymatic route. Thus, the materials produced from the formulations having proportions of PBS exceeding 50% are not biodegradable within the meaning of standard ISO 14855/1999 and are also weakly hydrolysed by amylolytic enzymes.

Valorization :

Publications in peer-reviewed journals:

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  • Communications at national and international congresses:

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